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The development of the artist

I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia where I completed my studies as an Architect at the University Javeriana.

After obtaining my bachelors degree, I worked as an Assistant and later as Architect for various private projects.
In 1989 I began working for the family business, in the glass industry developing new architectural, industrial, and show booth design applications for glass products.

In 1995 I moved to Nairobi, Kenya where being isolated from economic and productive environments sparked my interest in ceramics and painting. After one year in Africa I returned to Colombia, this time to different cities, first Bucaramanga and later Cucuta. There I was part of advanced workshops in sculpture and painting

Since 1998 I have been living in Lucerne, Switzerland where I have continued attending ceramics and painting workshops while also working as an Architect.

I have had showcased my work in private and public shows in Colombia, Switzerland and France

  • Atrapada en Zofingen
2005  » Click to zoom ->

    Atrapada en Zofingen 2005